There has been widespread changes to non-resident lending in the Australian banking sector, with virtually all major lenders no longer available to overseas non-resident applicants.

Rosh Partners has access to lenders which are currently funding foreign citizens who are buying / have bought properties off the plan in Australia.

Our innovative non-resident loan products are available for both residential and commercial investments. What makes these products innovative is the added feature of including fully verified self-employed non-resident borrowers.

 Current Lending Policies for non-residents

  • Maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR): 75%

  • Loan Purpose: Purchase or Refinance

  • Minimum Loan Amount: $100,000

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $2,000,000

  • Maximum Loan Term: 25 years

  • Repayment Type: Principal and Interest

  • Maximum Interest Only Term: 5 years

  • Interest Rate Type: Variable