Refinancing or restructuring your loan often be an effective way of ensuring that your mortgage plan and structure remain inline with your financial strategy. As times goes on, mortgage products change and so refinancing usually means more competitive pricing, fees and smarter features.

Current Lending Policy

  • Maximum LVR when refinancing is 90%, plus LMI costs

  • Maximum Cash Out when refinancing is limited to 90% of the security valuation, plus LMI costs

  • 30 year loan terms with Interest Only periods available up to 5 years, extendable


Reasons to Restructure

  • Interest rate costs - the difference between a few basis points can make a staggering difference to the amount of interest you pay over the life of your mortgage.  It does not always mean refinancing away from the lender you're currently with.  We can often work with your existing lender to secure further pricing discounts

  • Fixing all / part of your loan - while interest rates are at record low levels, so are fixed rates.  Why not consider splitting your loan and fixing a portion to have certainty with your financial commitments

  • Switching Product - mortgage products come and go.  What was once the most competitive rate going round now seems tired.  Our brokers have access to the latest tools to search the mortgage market and go through hundreds of different products
  • Cash Out - access equity from your property to use for any acceptable purpose - renovations, investment, purchase a vehicle etc


The Effects of Over-paying your Loan

Learn about the effects of over-paying your home loan and how this translates into massive savings in interest and time off your mortgage term.